Kamis, November 17, 2016

Download Firmware Zenfone 5 All Version

Download Firmware Zenfone 5 All Version
Bagi sobat yang ingin donwloa dan koleksi firmware/rom zenfone 5 semua versi silahkan sedot disini.

Download Firmware Zenfone 5 All Version

Firmware Zenfone 5

Versi TW-,MR11.3)
Versi WW-,MR11.3)
Versi CHT_2.22.40.540(MR11.3,kitkat)
Versi CN-,MR11.3 )
Versi CUCCV2.22.40.540(MR11.3,KK)
Versi WW_3.24.40.87(Andriod L)
Versi TW_3.24.40.87((Andriod L)
Versi CN_3.24.40.87(Andriod L)
Versi CHT_3.24.40.87(Andriod L)
Versi CN_3.24.40.80(MR13)
Versi CHT_3.24.40.78
Versi WW_3.24.40.78
Versi TW_3.24.40.78
Versi CN_5.3.3.3 (Downgrade version-2)
Versi CN_5.3.3.3 (Downgrade version-1)
Versi CHT_3.23.40.58 (Android L)
Versi CHT_5.2.2.2(Downgrade Version-2)L)
Versi CHT_5.3.3.3(Downgrade Version-1)
Versi CN_2.22.50.54
Versi CHT_2.22.40.54
Versi WW_5.3.3.3 (Downgrad Version)
Versi WW_5.2.2.2 (Downgrad Version)
Versi WW_2.22.40.54(MR11.2)
Versi TW_2.22.40.54(MR11.2)
Versi TW_5.3.3.3 (Downgrade Version-2)
Versi TW_5.2.2.2 (Downgrade Version-1)
Versi WW_2.22.40.53
Versi TW_2.22.40.53
Versi CHT_2.21.40.44
Versi WW_2.21.40.44
Versi TW_2.21.40.44
Versi V2.21.40.30(TW)
Versi V2.21.40.30(CN)
Versi V2.21.40.30(CHT)
Versi V2.21.40.30(WW)
Versi V2.20.40.13(WW)
Versi V2.20.40.9(CN)
Versi V1.18.40.10(CN)
Versi V2.20.40.9(CHT)
Versi V2.20.40.9(TW)
Versi V2.19.40.18(WW)
Versi V2.19.40.18(TW)
Versi V2.19.40.18(TW)
Versi V2.19.40.18(CHT)
Versi V1.18.40.10(WW)
Versi V1.18.40.10(TW)
Versi V1.18.40.10(CHT)
Versi V1.18.40.9(WW)
Versi V1.18.40.8(CHT)
Versi V1.18.40.8(TW)
Versi V1.18.40.8(CN)
Versi V1.17.40.16(WW)(TW)
Versi V1.17.40.16(CHT)
Versi V1.17.40.16(TW)
Versi V1.17.40.17(CN)
Versi V1.17.40.17(CUCC)
Versi V1.16.40.50(WW)
Versi V1.16.40.7(WW)
Versi V1.16.40.7(TW)
Versi V1.16.40.7(CN)
Versi V1.16.40.7(CHT)

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