Sabtu, April 15, 2017

SkipSoft Android Toolkit


SkipSoft Android Toolkit tool yang akan bermanfaat bagi pengguna Nexus, Google, Samsung One Plus, dan akan dikembangkan lagi berdasarkan info dari pengembangnya.

SkipSoft Android Toolkit

Fitur dari SkipSoft:

☞ Instal adb/fastboot driver automatically on windows xp/vista/7/8/ 32bit+64bit/Windows 10
☞ Backup/Restore a singgle packeg or all apps, user data and Internal Storage
☞ Backup data dari internal dan eksternal memory
☞ Unlock/Re-Lock Bootloader[Nexus]
☞ Root Stock builds
☞ Root menggunakan boot image atau custom recovery
☞ ALLINONE to Unlcok, Root, Rename files and instal busybox [Nexus]
☞ ALLINONE to flash custom recovery root, rename the restore files and instal busybox[Samsung]
☞ [NEW] use SkipRoot boot image to Auto root devices, instal Busybox binaries and rename recovery restore files
☞ Instal BusyBox on your device
☞ Backup Full NANDROID di system (Boot, Chace, Data, Recovery dan System) via adb dan save in custom Recovery format on your PC
☞ Fix exSdCard write permission from installed app in Android 4.4+ [Samsung]
☞ Pull / data and / system folder, compress to a .tar file and save to your PC
☞ Extras, Tips and Trick section
☞ Auto update Toolkit to lates available version at starup (hanya untuk propesional)
☞ Program up to 10 Quicpick slot and run them very quickly (hanya untuk propesional)
☞ Download Samsung Stock Firmware to PC for extracting and flashing via Odin
☞ etc...

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