Odin3 V3.13.1 Supported Galaxy S9

Odin3 V3.13.1 release : Supported Galaxy S9, Firmware lz4 Android 8.0 Oreo.

Odin is a utility software developed and used internally by Samsung which can be used to flash a custom recovery firmware image to a Samsung Android device. It is also used as a way of unbricking an Android device.

Odin3 V3.13.1 Support:
  • Support lz4 compressed binaries
  • Support firmware Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Implement 80 ports Mass D/L
  • DVIF for Mac bundle
  • Remove TFLASH option
  • Fix error for 8G file in tar
  • Add popup warning for CustomerService
  • Fix find comport issue. change UX "USERDATA".

Odin3 V3.13.1 Supported Galaxy S9

Odin3 V3.13.1DOWNLOAD

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